TechEd – DevCon 2015

We are once again a Gold Partner for the 13th edition of the largest professional conference in the Czech Republic for developers and IT specialists – TechEd-DevCon 2015 – to be held in Prague on 18–21 May 2015 in the grounds ofHostivař Park, where once more top Czech and foreign certified specialists and IT professionals will be gathering. During the conference, participants will get to know the latest trends in products, systems and tools from Microsoft’s developer workshops. Although attention this spring is obviously focused on Windows 10 and the development of applications for this new system, the range of topics will be much more varied, with differently themed blocks focused on application development, IT management, security systems and SQL tools.

You can also look forward to talks from our colleagues about the Tieto Productivity Cloud (Tomáš Kolařík, Senior Solution Architect, Daniel Mikel, Head of TPC).


The talk includes two perspectives on solutions. The technological perspective looks at the system architecture and Microsoft technologies used for construction. Explanations will be presented regarding the high availability of the system, component placement at sites and how the software technology is implemented. On the one hand we therefore have integration of the private and public cloud alongside on-premise solutions. While on the other hand there is subsequently separation of customers as well as the separation of customer and management traffic. Also included is current TPC size in the number of customers (tens), operating system guests (hundreds) and virtual machines (thousands). The customer perspective on solutions sets out the services used by customers: Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (Saas). The benefits customers obtain with a hybrid cloud are made clear, namely a combination of cloud-cognizant technologies, service flexibility and price. The structure of the offer and the blending of Tieto and Microsoft services into a single unit are explained. Customer characteristics in TPC. An lavish programme has been prepared for developers, primarily in the so-called “DevCon Hall”. Conference guests can look forward to seeing the stars of the Czech development scene, such as Michal Altair Valášek, Jiří Činčura and David Gešvindr. For information about the specific focus of each lecture and about the speakers, please  visit www.teched.cz.

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