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Tieto TRIP

Tieto TRIP is a unique product that combines the elements of a NoSQL database with a search engine. It was developed over two decades ago, when unstructured data and how to search for it was only spoken about in academic circles, at a time when the internet was still in its infancy and Google was word no-one would have recognized. Tieto TRIP’s excellent support for indexing searches of national symbols, its flexibility and ease of use, has made it the basis for a wide range of solutions among Tieto customers, particularly in public administration and the media.

Today Tieto TRIP is used by more than 50 customers and OEM partners in countries such as Finland, Sweden, Norway, China and the USA. Two years ago the development and subsequent maintenance of the product was transferred from Sweden to Ostrava, including product management. Our team handles maintenance of the system kernel, which is written in C/C++ and ported to today’s most common operating systems, along with management of API and the integrating components that enable Tieto TRIP to be incorporated into custom applications and third-party products. On the development team’s current “things-to-do list” is the development of an upgraded user interface, API improvements and optimizing the kernel to handle vast data volumes.

"NSTL in China provides 2 TB of scientific and technical information to universities, research institutes and etc."

"Tronder Avisa in Norway provides archive of 12 million of articles and 300 000 images to all interested parties. "

"Finnish Immigration Service uses Tieto TRIP in dealing with matters related to immigration, residence and refugee issues."

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