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Are you a student? That’s great!

We still remember very well what student life was like. The special times and parties come first to mind, but there was also quite a bit of studying, writing a lot of different papers – and then studying some more. Besides all that, it never hurt to earn a little something extra to cover costs, and ideally to get some experience in the field. And this is where we’re glad to step in and help.

Professional experience

At Tieto you can acquire a lot of professional experience, and we’ll even help you earn your bachelor’s degree. For this reason, it is intended primarily for those in the final year of their undegraduate studies, with students working on Thursdays and Fridays from October to April. Professional experience is concluded with the submission of your bachelor’s thesis. Students are selected on a competitive basis. You can apply by sending a short cover letter and a CV. It’s not complicated!

Student internships

Whether or not you are in the final year of undergraduate studies, it does not matter. You can also take part in a student internship working with us. The only difference is that you’re not obliged to prepare a bachelor’s thesis. In this case, you spend a maximum of 20 hours a week with us, with the minimum length of an internship being six months. Interns usually come to us twice a week, and they’re involved in the implementation of real-life projects. Apart from learning theory, you also get a whole heap of practise! A mentor is available to help you throughout your internship. Not only does this help with the work itself, it also helps you navigate a working environment in a company that employs almost 15,000 people globally. For the record, every other graduate who worked with us while they were studying went on to land a full-time position at Tieto afterwards.

Would you like to give it a go?

If you would like to obtain professional experience or become an intern at Tieto, please e-mail us your CV in Czech and English, together with a cover letter, to Please put “Student Professional Experience” or “Student Internship” in the subject line. Just to make it a little easier for us. We’ll then get back to you as soon as possible to give you details on everything you’ll need.

Write us
  • Junior Network Specialist

    Job Description: resolving incidents, troubleshooting Cisco routers and switches, managing Cisco, Juniper and CheckPoint firewalls and small projects setting up WLANs Required: network knoweldge and an interest in networks, at least two completed semesters in CCNA at the Cisco Networking Academy or completion of a POS (computer network) course at TUO, communicative knowledge of English

  • Junior Java Programmer

    Job Description: developing internal and commercial Java SE and EE based applications, working with development tools (SVN, GIT, Jira, Maven, Jenkins), use of agile methodologies (SCRUM, KANBAN) Required: basic knowledge of Java, knowledge of Eclipse, NetBeans or IntelliJ IDEA, willingness to learn new things, communicative English Advantages: knowledge of some  frameworks or platforms such as Spring, Hibernate, Liferay, Puppet, Vagrant, SQL or shell scripting

  • Junior Business Intelligence Specialist

    Job Description: development of internal and customer BI solutions, technologies used: MS BI – SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, Informatica, QlikView etc. Required: good knowlege of SQL (MS SQL or Oracle PL/SQL), basic knowledge of Business Intelligence, analytical thinking, communicative knowledge of English, a proactive approach, willing to learn new technologies

  • Junior Windows Specialist

    Required: to be reliable and responsible, Windows server configuration basics, networking basics, time flexibility, communicative knowledge of English Offered: training by an experienced tutor, work by agreement – maximum flexibility given your available time (even weekends), working in a cutting-edge environment, free technical training (installing devices in a server environment, virtualization etc.), option of later permanent employment

  • Junior Unix / Linux Service Administrator

    Job Description: monitoring and remote management of servers, installing updates and applications, backups, managing extensive systems at international companies, participating in the resolution of incidents Required: knowledge about the administration of some Unix systems (Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX), communicative knowledge of English

  • Junior Web Programmer

    Job Description: implementing automatic processes for product development and support, opportunity to participate in proposals for innovations and to evaluate the benefits of implemented solutions Required: ASP.NET, C#, SQLs (Oracle), NHibernate, IIS 7.0 and above

  • Junior SAP BO Consultant

    Required: willingness to learn and grow in the development of SAP Business Objects reporting, implementation and maintenance of SAP BO 4.0 platforms and SAP BO projects and services What we’re offering: an opportunity to further develop your skills in the newest versions of SAP Business Objects and Business Analytics, ETL and design of data warehouses, administration and security

  • Tester - Automatic Testing

    Job Description: creating and editing automated testing of web services for the use of SoapUI Required: analytical thinking, knowledge of any scripting language, knowledge of GIS is an advantage

  • Junior PL/SQL Developer

    Job Description: maintaining an existing information system database code and its web services Required: passion for DB and SQL, C#.NET, knowledge of Oracle and WCF is an advantage

  • Tester

    Job Description: creating, editing and running GIS application tests Required: analytical thinking, basic knowledge of testing, knowledge of GIS is an advantage


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